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cockroach control


Cockroaches are normally found in dark, damp and filthy places located in and around the properties
Spider control


There are some places in the UAE where too many spiders are present within the premises of home or buildings.
Termite control


People used to confuse Termites with white ants due to which they have to suffer a lot in terms of property damage.
rats control


Rodents are the pests that live very closer to the humans. They cause damage to the property stored food
Fly control

Fly Control

There are so many species of flies, known to human b
Bee control

Bee Control

Mr. Pest offers bees control services within the UAE, Du
ant control

Ant Control

If you are finding the ants constantly in your home, ki
bed bugs

Bed Bug

Another major issue that people living in the UAE has
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Mr. Pest offer various forms of pest control services with long-lasting effects best of experience and high-quality products that are safe for pets and children. The technicians of Mr. pest Control Company in the UAE offer peace of mind to all it customers at very affordable price, helping you to eradicate unwanted guests from your home by ensuring that they are not coming back.

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Mr Pest Control are specialized in pest control services that include Cockroach, Spider, Termite, Rodent, flies, Bees, Ants and Bed bugs Control Services.

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We have experienced, skilled and technically efficient staff pest control team to provide the best pest control services to our customers at very affordable rates.

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